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Foreigner Acceptance

Shin-Ei Fukushikai accepts many foreign nursing care staff. You can obtain employment qualifications in categories such as EPA program, nursing-care student, technical intern trainee, specified skill foreigner, etc., Currently 105 foreigners are enrolled (as of July 2019)

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Work Space

Nakayama Chidori


Our facilities designed for elderly people. We want them to feel that they are at home. We do not wear Uniforms because this is not a hospital. All equipments are in the latest model being High standard! You will be surprise by this situation of cleanliness, comfortment, and convenience! Let’s work together and make Japanese elderly people Happy!

This is the largest facility in our company

Care home Chidori

It is a special nursing home for the elderly in Osaka area opened in 2018. All the private rooms were divided into 8 groups, and each gave flower names. By introducing a no-lifting policy and a watching system, we reduce the burden on staff and provide high-quality nursing care.


Indonesia Consul General in Osaka and Deputy secretary Overseas dispatch and protection Agency visited Care Home Chidori.

They visited the facility and encouraged Indonesian nursing care workers.

Consular officials
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Takayama Chidori Bekkan

It is the newest facility opened in January this year in Nara Prefecture. We are working on improving the quality of nursing care with a beautiful natural environment and the latest equipment.


There is a Player room
For the staff who needs prayers, we set up a prayer room. In prayer time, you can pray without disturbing users or other staff.

buss player room living room public buss

Sutdy Support

Regarding learning assistance, we provide Internet and computers and prepare learning materials here, and we are proceeding with the plan as below to pass the national exam. You can take Skype classes and visiting classes of professional lecturers.
1st year JLPT N3~N2
2nd year JLPT N2 and national examination measures
3rd year National examination measures Past acceptance rate of past candidates is 90%

Celebration on passing exam

House Space

Housing will be provided near the facility. 2 or 3 persons will share 1 room. We will provide you the house, internet connection, PC, All amenities, etc. You don’t need to pay for rental fee. Utility fees (electric, gas & water) will be your own expense based on actual usage. That expense will divide equally with your room mate. Also we will provide 3 years free housing after you got Caregiver’s Lisence !!



We have many activities for you to enjoy and refresh. Facility event, seminar, overnight trip. We even might ask you to cook Traditional cuisine in your country!! You can enjoy Japanese cultures with different seasons like wearing kimono in January, Summer festival in August etc.. Let’s make unforgettable Memories.


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